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The Biochemistry and Cell Biology MS program hit its fifth year mark in 2014. We are proud of our students, faculty, and alumni for their efforts in making our BCB MS program a success.  We measure success by the quality of training our students attain, by the productivity our students bring to the labs in which they perform research, and by their ability to get .  This year, which reflects our overall five-year average, 90% of our graduates completed their MS in three semesters and were accepted in Ph.D., MD or DDS programs.  This cohort of ten students represents our largest graduating class yet. Half of the these students will continue doctoral research in Ph.D. programs at Cornell, Stony Brook, , and Bloomington.  We also congratulate three of our 2014 graduates who are off to Medical School.

This year’s incoming class of nine promises to be equally successful.  These students are currently performing research in areas spanning Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Neurobiology, in labs at Stony Brook, Brookhaven, and Cold Spring Harbor. The enthusiasm of our faculty to recruit BCB MS students is a testament to the quality of this program. We have outstanding faculty who are committed to training outstanding students.  Our mission is to provide students with a fundamental theoretical and practical understanding of biochemistry and cell biology, that will prepare them for opportunities in real life sciences.

Neta Dean, Program Director


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