London, Erwin


Erwin presented seminars in 2015 at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Dept. of Chemistry, and a talk at the workshop on “Sphingolipids in Infection and Beyond” in Würzburg, Germany.   He is Principal Investigator on a new NIH grant “Defining Principles and Functions of Membrane Organization Using Asymmetric Vesicles” that started in 2015.  A 2015 article with co-author former Ph.D. student Qingqing Lin “Ordered Raft Domains Induced by Outer Leaflet Sphingomyelin in Cholesterol-Rich Asymmetric Vesicles” Biophys. J., 108, 2212-2022 was discussed as a “New and Notable” article in the Biophysical Journal (May 5, 2015).  Erwin continues to serve as the Director of the Biochemistry and Structural Biology Graduate Program, as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the journal Biochemistry. He also continues to be a member of the Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Committee for the Life Sciences Research Foundation. Lab members at the end of 2015 included postdoctoral scientist Guangtao Li, Ph.D. students JiHyun Kim, James LeBarron, Johnna St. Clair, Zhen Huang and Qing Wang, and undergraduates Sade Seidu and Silvia Salamone.


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