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The Institute for STEM Education (formerly CESAME), which is housed in the Biochemistry Department, was founded by David Bynum in 2007, and has grown to become a national leader in STEM education research, teacher education, and community outreach. I-STEM has been an incubator of innovative, interdisciplinary STEM education collaborations with the university and its surrounding communities. I-STEM is now directed by Biochemistry and Cell Biology faculty member Keith Sheppard. I-STEM has made notable contributions to STEM teaching, research, and policy at the university including: • Generating over $ 25M in external grant funding. • Hiring four tenure-track faculty members: Keith Sheppard (Biochemistry & Cell Biology), Angela Kelly (Physics), Ross Nehm (Ecology & Evolution), and Gregory Rushton (Chemistry) who collectively produce substantial amounts of high-impact discipline-based science education research; additionally, there are 10 affiliated faculty members in 8 STEM departments, 4 instructors and 3 administrative staff. • Creating a Ph.D. Program in Science Education in 2010, which currently enrolls 40 students. Doctoral courses are also offered at Stony Brook Manhattan. • Faculty are active in state and national STEM educational policy activities, serving on editorial boards, writing policy statements, serving on advisory panels, meeting with key state leadership staff, and testifying at state-level education commissions. I-STEM is a major provider of high quality STEM Teacher Education: • Offering a full complement of B.S. and M.A.T. programs in all STEM education fields and is one of the major producers of STEM teachers in the state. • Developing 24 graduate courses, of which 21 are currently active, and 7 undergraduate courses. • I-STEM recently became the regional hub for the New York State Science and Mathematics Master Teacher program. •  I-STEM is a leading provider of high quality STEM outreach and student support: • I-STEM has awarded $4.4M in fellowships and scholarships to post-doctoral, graduate, undergraduate, and high school students who have been actively involved in research or teaching in STEM disciplines. • Over 5,500 students attend our Teaching Labs annually; 85% of Long Island school districts have participated. Labs are offered in biology, geoscience, chemistry, sustainable chemistry and physics. Summer camps are offered in all disciplines of sciences, mathematics, and engineering. • I-STEM sponsors Science Open Nights for the public and the annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. • I-STEM has established research and professional development partnerships with the wider scientific community at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, Brookhaven National Laboratories, STEM Hub, American Museum of Natural History New York Botanical Garden, as well as NYS schools and community colleges. • I-STEM annually hosts the Protein Modeling Challenge for regional high schools and also North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad.


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