Biochemistry and Cell Biology Master of Science Graduate Program


The Biochemistry and Cell Biology MS program hit its fifth year mark in 2015! Our mission is to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of biochemistry cell biology that will prepare them for opportunities in real life sciences. We are proud of our students, faculty, and alumni for their efforts in making our BCB MS program a success.  Success is measured by the quality of training our students receive, by the value our students bring to the labs in which they perform research, and by our students’ ability to achieve their stated long-term goals.

Since its inception in 2010, we’ve seen fifty students graduate, 90 % of whom completed the program in three semesters.  Twenty one (42%)  of these students went on to pursue Ph. D degrees at top notch research institutes.  Our BCB graduates are currently in Ph.D. programs at Stony Brook, Cornell-Weill, NYU, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Mt. Sinai, Scripps, Univ Utah, SLC, Univ. Indiana, Bloomington; Six  (12%)  students are in medical or dental schools, including Harvard and Columbia.  Twelve students (24%) have opted for different careers and have obtained research positions, including labs at Stony brook and Cold Spring Harbor.  Thus, 78% of our graduates are where they wanted to be.

This year’s incoming class of fourteen, our largest class ever, promises to be equally successful.  The These students are currently performing research in areas spanning Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Neurobiology.  The enthusiasm of our faculty to recruit these incoming students is further testament to the quality of this program.

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Biochemistry and Cell Biology MS class of 2015 – (Top row from left) – Ivan Chavez, Daniel Labuz, Robert Morabito, Victor Chang, Andrew Scortea, Patrick Singer, Alkiviadis Pierrakeas. (Bottom row from left) – Joseph Dimitri, Yingjiao Xue, Madeeha Rahat, Christa Pappalardo, Poorna Kannan.  Not shown are Ryan Salerno-Eichenholz and Sahil Sharma


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